Teak is very hard wood grown in Southeast Asia. Teak is the common name for Tectona grandis, native of India, Myanmar (Burma), and Thailand. Indonesian teakwood was first introduced by the Dutch in 1816 and today controlled by the Indonesian government. The teak that we use is plantation-grown, rather than taken from the existing rainforest.

It has been known for decades that teakwood is a valuable resource due to its long life reliability and weather resistance as well as its workable qualities. Because of these characteristics and its beautiful timeless appearance, teak is known as THE KING OF TIMBERS. The natural oils present in teak make it more water-resistant.

Teak has the greatest capability of any wood to resist the rigors of out-door environment, making it a durable and beautiful choice for furniture. Every piece of teakwood furniture is unique. Its properties depend on which part of the tree it comes from and its age. Its color can vary from light to dark brown. This fine-grained wood contains both soft and hard grain. It is a product of nature with smooth texture and natural grain of real wood. No timber can claim to possess the qualities of genuine teak.

Lord Monteray’s quote from 1892 reinforces this: “Among timber, teak holds the place which the diamond maintains with precious stones and gold among metals”.